Outcomes of 2022. The special guest of the episode is Aliaksandr Alesin, an independent military expert, a member of the Minsk Dialogue Expert Council.

πŸ“Œ How is the situation on the Ukrainian fronts similar to the First World War?
πŸ“Œ What do the potentials of the belligerents look like?
πŸ“ŒWestern weapon factor: how does it perform in Ukraine?
πŸ“ŒWhat does the conflict in Ukraine tell us about modern warfare?
πŸ“Œ What is the probability of Belarus entering the war?
πŸ“ŒFormula of military control over Eastern Europe.
πŸ“Œ What is the reason for the visits of the top leadership of Russia to Belarus?
πŸ“Œ Forecast for 2023.

This episode is co-hosted by Yauheni Preiherman, Alisiya Ivanova and Aliaksandr Alesin.

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