⚡️ "Deep people of Russia about war and peace" - a special edition of "Last Monday".

Guest of this episode - Alexei Tokarev. We are discussing the study “Sociology of the image of the future-2033: Russia drawn by itself”.

📌 How to find out what images of the present and future ordinary Russians draw for themselves?
📌 Does Russia think a lot about foreign policy?
📌 Large generational splits in the Russian perception of the world.
📌 Peaceful majority and imperial minority.
📌 What does the opinion of the deep people of Russia mean for the discussion about the future architecture of European security?

This episode is co-hosted by Yauheni Preiherman and Aleksey Tokarev, Doctor of Political Science, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of International Studies at MGIMO, member of the Expert Council of the Minsk Dialogue.

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