START, China's peace plan, who blew up Nord Stream and the Non-Aligned Movement.

  • Vladimir Putin's message to the Federal Assembly and the suspension of Russia's participation in the START.
  • China's proposals to stop the war in Ukraine: what is Beijing striving for?
  • Why are the caravans of military equipment supplied to Ukraine not destroyed by the Russian army?
  • Who blew up Nord Stream in the fall of 2022?
  • How to perceive reports of a firefight on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border and explosions at a military airfield?
  • Is it time for Non-Aligned Movement 2.0?

В офисе “Минского диалога” Денис Мельянцов, Алисия Иванова и Евгений Прейгерман.

The episode is co-hosted by Dzianis Melyantsou, Alisiya Ivanova, and Yauheni Preiherman

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