In this episode we are talking about Prigozhin's "march for justice":

  1. Did Prigozhin plan on starting a full-fledged uprising in Russia?
  2. What factors formed the "perfect storm" and led to the Russian crisis?
  3. How do the events and their outcome characterize the Russian power structures?
  4. How can Prigozhin's "march of justice" affect the Russian-Ukrainian war?
  5. Why did Lukashenka play the role of mediator in the conflict?
  6. Prerequisites for Lukashenka's peacekeeping role.
  7. What did Lukashenka say to Prigozhin in a telephone conversation?
  8. Prigozhin's move to Belarus.
  9. How will Belarusian-Russian relations change?
  10. What is the significance of the crisis in Russia for relations between Belarus and the West?

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