We are happy to present the eleventh issue of "Tochki nad U": East European Security Monthly

Key developments in regional security in Eastern Europe in May–June 2023:

  1. The war in Ukraine has reached a whole new level, while creeping escalation of tensions in the region continues.
  2. The risks of conflict expansion remain high amid controversy in the West over aid to Ukraine and Kyiv’s place in the Euro-Atlantic security system.
  3. Belarus’s geostrategic position is further deteriorating now that neighboring Russian regions have become part of the widening area of combat operations. Alongside public statements in Western countries about use-of- force scenarios for Minsk, this pushes Belarus to seek even closer ties with Russia.
  4. Economically, Russia and the West are incapable of causing each other unacceptable damage.
  5. Attempts to launch the peace process between Moscow and Kyiv are approaching a new bifurcation point.

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