Breaking away from Geopolitical Clichés: implications of events in Armenia for regional security

The recent change of government in Armenia came as a complete surprise to most observers. The post-revolutionary processes taking place in this country attract growing interest both in Armenia itself and far beyond its borders. Particularly, on the eve of the elections to the Council of Elders of Yerevan, scheduled for September 23, which will be the first internal test for the Pashinyan government.

  • September 20

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Minsk Dialogue seminar on situational analysis «Global Order in Flux: Scenarios and Implications for the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood»

The system of international relations faces its most dramatic challenge for decades. Geopolitical turbulence has spread to more and more parts of the world. Various pillars of stability, development, security, and cooperation in the post-Cold War era are being eroded as a result of multiple new processes. Some of those processes question the internal functioning of societies and state governance, whereas others undermine bilateral and multilateral foundations of international relations.

  • September 21


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    Belarus, Minsk