№ 1 (January - February 2018)

Minsk Dialogue expert initiative presents a new analytical product, the Minsk Barometer, a regular review of Belarus’s foreign policy developments, as well as the situation in national and regional security.

The Minsk Barometer is a response to the growing interest in Belarusian and regional issues, especially security matters, from both the international expert community and decision-makers. Our mission is to provide an all-round impartial analysis of developments in international relations and regional security involving Belarus.

The Minsk Barometer’s team of authors will analyze five foreign policy dimensions (Russia, the EU, China, the U.S., and Ukraine), as well as the status of national and regional security on a bimonthly basis, and calculate values for each dimension based upon the findings of the analysis, with a view to visualizing dynamics and identifying trends for further development of the situation.

We hope the Minsk Barometer will contribute to the deeper understanding of processes in international relations and security, and consequently, better substantiated political decision-making.