№11 (September - October 2019)

Belarus’s relationship with Russia is characterized by ongoing hard search for ways to achieve compromise. None of the pending issues has been resolved. Media negativity is gradually growing around integration.

The level and intensity of Minsk’s contacts with the European Union remain consistently high. The delay-ridden campaign to adopt the visa facilitation and readmission agreements is gradually coming to its end.

Credit cooperation has been actively developing in relations with China

In the US dimension, the intensity of diplomatic contacts remains high, whereas security-related communication channels are being strengthened. 

The Ukrainian segment showed record-breaking growth. Belarus and Ukraine have successfully overcome a few conflicts and demonstrated in practice the contours of new approaches to future engagement. 

During the period under review, Belarus made significant efforts to enhance its own security against the backdrop of a serious deterioration of the situation in the region fuelled by attempts of the key players to ensure their security at each other’s expense.