№14 (March - April 2020)


The conflict with Russia continued to deepen and aggravate (the index reached a minus 9 mark). The terms of Russian crude oil and natural gas supply remained unsatisfactory to Belarus.

Minsk kept on working with a number of European Union member states to diversify its energy imports. Cautious search is underway for a way out of the long-standing political conflict between Belarus and Lithuania.

Belarus’s relationship with China has been limited to almost exclusively humanitarian cooperation.

The U.S. agenda saw some progress in restoring full-fledged diplomatic relations. The two countries continue to explore the terms of supplies of American crude oil to Belarus.

The limitation of contacts exposed the vulnerability of the Belarusian media policy on Ukraine. Nevertheless, there have been a number of events paving the way for the implementation of major long-term joint projects.

The regional security situation was characterized by the curtailment of military activities and slowdown of militarization. Minsk responded positively to the reduction of the scope of NATO maneuvers and sought to develop relations with its members.