№ 2 (March - April  2018)

From March to April this year, relations with Russia were increasingly set in the context of confrontation between Russia and the West, and Belarus’s expectations of cooperation with Russia were both high and unrealistic.

Negotiations on agreements with the European Union remain at a stalemate, but cooperation on projects and industry dialogue continue to develop quite successfully.

In regards to relations with China, dialogue in the military sphere has intensified. There has also been continued penetration of Belarusian exporters to Chinese markets, yet Minsk has stated that it is not content with the implementation of a number of joint projects.

The diplomatic activity of Belarus in the US has increased and a new post of Honorary Consul in Utah has been established.

The general background of relations with Ukraine has improved. Both parties have put to one side the issues of political orientation and have instead focused on the development of joint projects.

Minsk continues to optimize the army and bring it into line with its own needs and financial capabilities. A practical inspection and assessment of the capabilities of the territorial defence system is being conducted. Simultaneously, special attention is being paid to resolving issues of mobilization and coordination. The situation in the region around Belarus has somewhat worsened compared to the previous period, but this aggravation has been demonstrated through dialogue, not action.