№ 5 (September - October 2018 г.)

Following the relatively calm and quiet summer period, Belarus’s foreign policy has again showed the trend that was originally manifested in the first half of the year – its true “multi-vector” approach. All of the main dimensions of foreign policy (Russia, the EU, China and Ukraine) demonstrated similarly high indices. The Belarus-Ukraine relationship recorded a new record high of 23 points, mainly due to the Forum of the Regions and active economic engagement. The relationship with the United States, despite the modest 5 points, is undergoing quality changes thanks to Washington’s new regional strategy and the increasing level of contacts.

When it comes to ​​security, things are not so optimistic, though. The collapse of international treaties and gradual militarization of the region resulted in the national security index being at zero during the period under review, whereas the level of regional tensions upgraded from the green to the yellow zone, which indicates that there is military and other activity that could lead to the escalation of tensions. This situation calls for close attention, and we are committed to following it closely.