№ 7 (January - February 2019)

The severity of the conflict with Russia  in the public sphere has slackened significantly, but none of the issues on the bilateral agenda has yet been resolved.

The intensity of contacts with the European Union  is increasing at a high political level; cooperation with European financial institutions is expanding in volume; however, this headway has not been transformed yet into any palpable progress concerning politically significant arrangements.

The China  dimension is characterized by the consistent scheduled implementation of bilateral projects; two-way trade is growing, but Belarus is still facing a trade deficit that will not decrease.

In its relationship with the U.S., Minsk is eliminating the last formal obstacles to the restoration of full diplomatic relations.

Belarusian companies keep strengthening their positions in the Ukrainian market. The upcoming presidential election in Ukraine has produced a negative impact on the relationship between the two countries.

The regional security situation continues to evolve towards slow yet steady militarization. A likely scenario for the foreseeable future envisages growing military presence and deployment of new military facilities and weapons in the region.