№ 8 (March - April 2019)

There was a marked increase in the number of confrontational topics in Belarus’s relationship with Russia: the conflict over the Russian ambassador, the ban on the supply of Belarusian-made goods, the situation around oil transit and supplies. As a result, the relationship index dropped to an all-time low of minus 9 points. 

The number of contacts and projects with the European Union continues to grow. This notwithstanding, there is still no tangible progress in the negotiations on politically significant arrangements. 

In the China dimension, the monitoring period was dominated by Lukashenka’s visit to Beijing and the signing of bilateral agreements. 

The relatively high pace of bilateral contacts with the U.S. remains in place, but it fails to lead to any breakthrough improvement in the relationship, either. 

The presidential election in Ukraine produced a significant impact on bilateral engagement. Despite this, several new formats of cooperation between the two countries became operational. 

As far as security is concerned, the trend towards gradual militarization of the region continued. Under such circumstances, Minsk is relying on multi-directionality and transparency.