We are happy to present the fifth issue of "Tochki nad U": East European Security Monthly. 

Key developments in regional security in Eastern Europe in November 2022:

  1. The dynamics of the Russia–Ukraine war remains high, but the frontline mobility is diminishing. A variant of the “Verdun Meat Grinder” emerges in the Bakhmut direction. Russia keeps demolishing Ukraine’s infrastructure.
  2. Western countries continue to provide significant military and financial support to Kyiv.
  3. Despite the obvious increase in threats of incidents and risks of escalation, large-scale militarisation of the region continues, while prospects for peace agreements remain elusive.
  4. Belarus seeks to stay out of the war, but is forced to build up its defence capacity with the modest means and resources available to it.

Full verision of the brief is available here.

PDF version of the brief is availbale below.